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Cajons. Ebony Stripes (-ES) Rosewood (-RW) Natural Cherry (-NC) Front plate gauge increased from 9mm to 12mm. Attractive Veneer Finishes. Comes with Foam Seat Pad. Gig bag includes over-the-shoulder strap & backpack carry straps Removable, dual-position snare mechanism allows for multiple sound options.


The Mano Percussion plastic blocks offer a selection of rich wood block sounds in a variety of pitches and sizes, while providing the maximum strength & durability. Each block comes with a mount for easy attachment to an accessory mount post. -SB: Double Samba Bell -SBH: Small Block, High pitch -SBL: Small Block, Low Pitch


Egg Shakers. Attractive counter display jar, contains 36 pieces, 6 colours of each. – BL (Blue) 50g – YW (Yellow) 45g – GN (Green) 35g – RD (Red) 20g – PP (Purple) 25g – OR (Orange) 40g


Double Cutaway Drum Set Tambourine – The Mano Percussion Double Cutaway Drumset Tambourine features 14 pairs of jingles on the outer ring, and another 6 pairs of jingles on an inner ring, with the mount bracket for easy attachment to an accessory mount post. -RD (Red) -WH (White) -BK (Black)


Drum Set Tambourine – The Mano Percussion Drumset Tambourine features 16 pairs of jingles in a sturdy frame, with re-inforced striking edge, and mount bracket for easy attachment to an accessory mount post. -RD (Red) -BK (Black)


Multi-Mount Percussion Stand – Holds six mountable percussion Instruments on 4 standard mounts and 2 extended mounts.


Cowbell MP-CB4 4″ MP-CB5 5″ MP-CB6 6″ MP-CB7 7″ MP-CB8 8″ MP-CB9 9″


Djembe 11” – same as MP1512 but in fibreglass. -WRD: Wine Red -OD: Orange -BK: Black


8” Non Tunable Tambourine MP-TH8-12NT: 12 jingles MP-TH8-5NT: 5 jingles


10” Non Tunable Tambourine. MP-TH10-16NT: 16 Jingles MP-TH10-6NT: 6 Jingles


Double Cutaway Tambourine w/ 20 pairs of jingles MP-TDC-BK: Black MP-TDC-RD: Red MP-TDC-WH: White


Cutaway Tambourine w/ 16 pairs of jingles MP-TC-BK: Black MP-TC-RD: Red MP-TC-WH: White


Kids Tambourine MP-KT4-BK: Black MP-KT4-BL: Blue MP-KT4-PP: Purple MP-KT4-RD: Red


9 piece set in clear vinyl carry bag. Includes: 6″ wooden tambourine with head wooden handle castanet 5 bell hand bell 21 bell hand bell 4½” triangle with beater 7″ wood block with beater 1 pair each 7½” claves 10″ wooden maracas wrist bells.


6 piece set in clear vinyl carry bag. Includes: 6″ wooden tambourine with head wooden handle castanet 1 pair each egg maracas egg handle maracas wooden finger castanets wrist bells.


19 piece percussion set. Includes: wrist bells 6″ wood maracas 4″ cowbell jingle taps egg shakers double tone block hand held guiro tone block single tone block 8″ skin and headless tambourine 8″ hardwood claves 8″ rosewood claves 5″, 6″, 7″ & 8″ triangles 2 pairs of hand cymbals.


17 piece deluxe percussion set complete with heavy duty hard case. Includes: 13 note glockenspiel 7″ skin and headless tambourines 6″ hand cymbals 8″ maracas double ended guiro tone block hand held tone block jingle stick stick hand bells handle castanets triangle pair of hand bells 4 pairs of hand castanets.


17 piece percussion set complete with heavy duty, padded black yarn carry bag. Includes: 8″ and 6″ tambourines 9″ wooden maracas metal Latin shaker guiro claves hand held wooden castanets pair of wooden castanets 4 assorted tone blocks 5 assorted size triangles.


Hand painted Wooden Maracas MP-WM: Red with yellow floral design. 9½” long MP-WM-TRD: Tropical design. 10″ long MP-WM-TRI: Tricolor design. 9″ long


Egg shaped maracas with black plastic handle. Colour and weight graded. MP-EGGS-H-RD: 20g – Red MP-EGGS-H-PP: 25g- Purple MP-EGGS-H-GN: 35g – Green MP-EGGS-H-YW: 45g – Yellow MP-EGGS-H-BL: 50g – Blue


Maracas MP-MA-FROG: Frog MP-MA-RD: Red MP-MA-YW: Yellow


Castanets. Made from wood, these castanets are perfect for flamenco.


Triangle w/ beater MP-TR6 6″ Triangle Set MP-TR6-ST 6″ Triangle On Stand MP-TR7 7″ Triangle Set MP-TR8 8″ Triangle Set


Tri Tone Block. This hand-held 3-tone percussion wood block creates a soft sound and includes a wooden mallet.


Big Block. MP-BBH: High Pitch MP-BBL: Low Pitch


Woodpecker. The Mano Woodpecker produces a realistic “woodpecker” sound that adds to musical effects.


MP-SBLK1: Sand Blocks. MP-SBLK2: Sand Blocks. Blue with Red Handle.


Double Tone Block with beater MP-DTBL: large MP-DTBS: small


Cabasa. MP-CAB25 7” x 2 1/2” MP-CAB425 7” x 4 1/4”


Ocarina. -GN: Green -BL: Blue -PK: Pink -WH: White


5″ Chrome Cowbell with mount bracket. Mano Percussion Cowbells are made from premium quality steel, and are skillfully tooled to achieve desired pitch and sound characteristics to fit the widest variety of musical applications.


Agogo Bell – Two-bell metal agogo In black finish.


Wrist Bells. MP-WBL-BL: Blue MP-WBL-PK: Pink MP-WBL-PP: Purple MP-WBL-RD: Red


Short shaker Guiro. Scrape it for intense, tropical sounds. Ideal for salsa and other Latin styles.


Large wood shell guiro. 15¾” long, 2½” diameter. Cylindrical shell with painted red ends. 8″ ribbed playing area with two finger holes. Complete with wooden scraper.


Fish Guiro. The parallel ridges cut in one side produce a distinctive sound. Played by rubbing a stick across the ridges. Available in large and small. MP-FGS: Small MP-FGL: Large


Available in metal or steel these shakers are a perfect blend of style, function and comfort! A variety of sounds can be created with slight variations in playing technique.


Egg Shakers MP-EGGS-BL: Blue, 50g MP-EGGS-GN: Green, 35g MP-EGGS-PP: Purple, 25g MP-EGGS-RD: Red, 20g MP-EGGS-YW: Yellow, 45g


Traditional Wood Claves MP-CL: Wood MP-CL-BL: 6″ Blue MP-CL-GN: 6″ Green MP-CL-RD: 6″ Red MP-CL-YW: 6″ Yellow MP-CL-S: 6″ Small, Wood MP-CL-L: Large Wood


Percussion Basket Stands MPS-1810BS 10” Quinto Basket Stand MPS-1811BS 11-3/4” Conga Basket Stand MPS-1812BS 12-1/2” Tumba Basket Stand


Plena Drum Set – The Mano Percussion 3802 Plena Drum Set comes with 3 sizes of plena drums (8”, 10”, 12”), combining black metal rims, chrome tension lugs, and natural skin heads. Rubber feet are added for extra comfort and protection.


Timbale Set 13” & 14” Steel Shells with Cowbell & Stand – The Mano Percussion 1434 Timbales feature full-sized, shiny chrome-finished steel shells, on a durable double-braced stand with rubber shell stabilizers. Each set comes with an accessory mounting post and cowbell.


Mano Percussion Tunable Hand Drum. MP-HD8T: 8″ MP-HD10T: 10″ MP-HD12T: 12″


Darbuka – The Mano Percussion Darbuka provides crisp high-pitched sounds and the resonant bass tone makes it an ideal instrument for many musical settings. Play anywhere where a hand drum is appropriate. Made from aluminum, they are available in 2 sizes. MP-DRB511 5.5” x 11” MP-DRB814 7” x 13”


Doumbek- The Mano Percussion Doumbek. It has a full sound with great resonance and measures 8.5” x 17”. Its bright staccato tone is loud enough to cut through most drum circles and in experienced hands it can sound like a rhythmic machine . Made of Aluminum and available in two colours. Comes with a bag. […]


Djembe 12” – The Mano Percussion 1512 Djembe features a traditional style rim, combined with a natural skin head, on a select wood shell for superior sound. Quality high-gloss lacquer finishes and a beautiful fabric shell ring offer an attractive appearance. A rubber shell protector is fitted onto the bottom of the shell for added […]


Matte Rosewood Veneer Mini Cajon Height: 14″ Width: 10.5″ Length: 11.5″


Mini Bongos – The Mano Percussion 560 Mini- Bongos feature 4” & 5” shells, and are mini-wrench tunable. Natural skin heads are mounted with mini chrome “round-about” hoops, and are available in a variety of attractive colours. Rubber feet are added for comfort and protection.


Bongos – The Mano Percussion 715 Bongos feature 7” & 8” shells, and are tunable with any standard drum key. Natural skin heads are mounted with standard black flanged hoops and hardware, and are available in several attractive colours. -BK: Black -BL: Blue -R: Red


Bongos – The Mano Percussion 714 Bongos feature 7” & 8” shells, and are tunable with any standard drum key. Natural skin heads are mounted with standard chrome flanged hoops and hardware, and are available in natural finish only.


Bongo Set 8” & 9” with Traditional Rims – The Mano Percussion 1789 Bongos feature chrome-finished curved rims, combined with natural skin heads on larger sized 8” & 9” drums, to produce a full-bodied, yet articulate sound. Quality lacquer finishes and a beautiful carved out shell design offer an attractive look and feel. Protective rubber […]


Bongo Set 7” & 8” with Traditional Rims The Mano Percussion 1778 Bongos feature chrome-finished traditionalstyle rims, combined with natural skin heads to produce a warm, authentic traditional bongo sound. Quality highgloss lacquer finishes and a beautiful carved out shell design offer an attractive look and feel. Protective rubber feet are added to lug screws […]


Mini Conga Set, 9” & 10” with Stand – The Mano Percussion 1690 half-size congas feature select wood shells with chrome traditional-style rims and hardware. Natural rawhide tucked heads offer great sound, and each set comes with a height adjustable, doublebraced stand.