Percussion & Accessories

Percussion & Accessories


The Mano Percussion bongo line consists of tunable bongos of various sizes, colours and finishes and features natural skin heads to produce a warm, authentic traditional bongo sound.


The Classic Cuban drum. Mano Congas come in various sizes and finishes and feature traditional style rims and select wood shells.


Known for a wide variety of sounds, these West African drums are extremely versatile. Mano djembes come in wood or fiberglass shell.


The traditional Peruvian box-shaped percussions. Mano Cajons feature a variety of different types of wood. Popular in many different music styles.


These tunable aluminum darbuka drums come in various sizes and feature 4 tuning lugs, blue plastic head and tuning key.


Mano Egyptian Doumbek are tunable with grey hammer tone finish and aluminum rim and shell.

Plena Drums

Mano Plena drums come in various sizes and feature rubber feet, synthetic skin head and black cast base hoop.

Timbale Set

The Mano chrome finished steel timbale set features a cowbell and double braced stand for extra durability.

Small Percussion

The Mano line features various hand held percussions including blocks of different sizes and pitches, claves, bells and chimes.


The Mano Percussion accessory line up consists of high quality bango carrying bags and basket stands.